What is covered under Golf cover?

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What’s included in your golf Insurance will vary between providers, but at AllClear we provide the following with our Golf Cover add-on:

Loss and replacement golf equipment – we’ll cover the replacement or repair of your golf equipment (making allowances for wear and tear and depreciation) or hired golf equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. This includes clubs, balls, bags, your personal trolley and golf shoes
Lost green fees – this will cover unused green fees if you’ve booked to play golf before your trip commenced but can’t play because of an injury or illness that occurs during your trip (you’ll usually need confirmation of this from a doctor) and you can’t get a refund
Hole-in-one cover - one of golf’s great traditions! If you hit a hole-in-one, you must buy a round of drinks at the clubhouse. It could be an expensive achievement so we’ll cover this up to £100 per game!

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