Do you Cover complications of pregnancy and childbirth?

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We provide cover under this Policy if something unexpected happens. We do not consider pregnancy or childbirth to be an illness or injury.

Cover is automatically provided under section 1 (Cancellation), section 2 (Curtailment) and section 6 (Medical emergency expenses) for complications of pregnancy and childbirth which existed at the time of taking out this Policy or developed at a later stage, provided your doctor and midwife are aware of your travel plans and that you are not travelling against medical advice. Childbirth in or after the 32nd week for a single pregnancy (or 24th week for a multiple pregnancy) is not a complication and is not covered under any section of this Policy.

Complications of pregnancy and childbirth are defined as:

Toxaemia – toxins in the blood

Gestational diabetes – diabetes arising as a result of pregnancy

Gestational hypertension – high blood pressure arising as a result of pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia – where you develop high blood pressure, carry abnormal fluid and have protein in your urine during the second half of pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy – a pregnancy that develops outside of the uterus

Molar pregnancy or Hydatidiform mole – a pregnancy in which a tumour develops from the placental tissue

Post-partum haemorrhage – excessive bleeding following childbirth

Retained placenta membrane – part or all of the placenta is left behind in the uterus after delivery

Placental abruption – part or all of the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus

Hyperemesis gravidarum – excessive vomiting as a result of pregnancy

Placenta praevia – when the placenta is in the lower part of the uterus and covers part or all of the cervix



Emergency caesarean section

A termination needed for medical reasons

Premature birth – more than 8 weeks (or 16 weeks if you know you are having more than one baby) before the expected delivery date.

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