What countries are covered in Europe (Traveller Policy)

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Our AllClear Traveller Policy splits Europe into 2 Regions (Region 2 and Region 3).

Below you will find 2 lists of all countries that are covered under both of these Regions.

If you have a different AllClear Policy you can view the the cover under Europe here.

Region 2 (Europe Excluding)

Albania Eire Latvia Romania
Algeria England Liechtenstein Russia
Andorra Estonia Lithuania San Marino
Austria Faroe Islands Luxembourg Sardinia
Azores Finland Macedonia Scotland
Belarus France Madeira Serbia
Belgium Georgia Moldova Slovakia
Bosnia And Herzegovina Germany Monaco Slovenia
Bulgaria Gibraltar Montenegro Sweden
Corfu Greece Morocco Switzerland
Corsica Holland Netherlands Tunisia
Crete Hungary Northern Ireland UK
Croatia Iceland Norway Ukraine
Czech Republic Ireland Poland United Kingdom
Denmark Italy Portugal Vatican City
Egypt Kos (Greek Island) Rhodes Wales

Region 3 (Europe Including) covers all the countries in the above table. Plus the countries below:

Region 3 (Europe Including)

Balearics Malta
Canary Islands Minorca
Cyprus Spain
Ibiza Tenerife
Majorca Turkey


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