Why do I need Travel Insurance?

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Emergency medical treatment abroad can cost more than you think. That’s why medical cover should be your number one priority when looking for Travel Insurance.

It covers emergency medical costs including hospital charges and ambulance fees. It also covers repatriation (medical transport back home) if needed.

Medical Travel Insurance gives you four key benefits in addition to those provided by standard Travel Insurance:
Cover for your pre-existing conditions while abroad. AllClear cover for up to unlimited emergency treatment, including treatment for ongoing medical issues.

Cover for cancellation due to a pre-existing medical condition. You can also be covered for up to £25K if you need to cancel your holiday because of your medical condition, or a complication related to it.

Repatriation costs, if medically necessary. According to FCDO figures, if you were to fall over in Spain and require treatment for a broken leg, you would be looking at costs of around £15K. Even minor ailments such as an infection or stomach bug in the USA could cost you £100K if you require flights home.

Peace of mind. While you’re away, you’ll have access to 24-hour medical emergency assistance, so you can travel with confidence, knowing we’ll be there just in case.

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