What activities am I covered for?

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Our Travel Insurance Policies provide cover for a variety of sports activities outlined in the Amateur sporting & adventure activities table. The cover applies during your trip under the following conditions:
a) You wear appropriate safety equipment/clothing/headgear and.
b) You take necessary safety precautions as appropriate to the activity.

Please note: You are NOT covered if the main purpose of your trip is to take part in an activity unless it is listed as an activity holiday in the Amateur sporting and adventure activities table below:

Activity Special Conditions*  Cover for Personal accident
& Personal liability
Activity Holiday 
Abseiling 2, 4  No  
Amateur athletics   Yes Yes
Archaeological digging   Yes Yes
Archery 2 No  
Badminton   Yes Yes
Ballooning (Hot Air) as a fare-paying passenger 2 No  
Banana boat rides (Beach activity)   No  
Baseball   Yes  
Basketball   Yes  
BOSS (Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter) 1, 2 No  
Bouldering (up to 4m with a crash mat) 2 Yes  
Bowls   Yes Yes
Boxing training (non-contact)   No  
Bridge walking   Yes  
Bungee jumping (max 3 jumps) 1, 2, 4 No  
Canopy walking 2, 4 No  
Camel riding or trekking   No  
Canoeing (in calm waters)   Yes  
Catamaran sailing (European waters only) 1, 3 No  
Cave tubing 2, 4 Yes  
Clay pigeon shooting 1, 4 No  
Climbing wall 2 Yes  
Conservation or charity work (under 3m, hand tools only)   No Yes 
Cricket 3 Yes  
Curling   Yes  
Cycle touring   No Yes 
Cycling (incidental, excluding BMX/Mountain biking)   Yes  
Deep sea fishing 2 No  
Dinghy sailing inside territorial waters   No  
Dragon boating   No  
Dune bashing 2, 4 No  
Elephant riding or trekking 2 No  
Falconry 2 No  
Fell running   Yes Yes 
Fell walking   Yes  Yes 
Fishing   Yes  Yes 
Football (soccer not American football)   No  
Gaelic football   No  
Go karting (up to 120cc) 2 No  
Golf   Yes   
Heptathlon   Yes   
Hiking (on recognized routes, under 3,000m)   Yes   
Hobie catting (European waters only) 1, 3 No  
Hockey   No  
Horse Riding (not jumping) 3 No  
Horse trekking (under 3,000m)   No  
Husky sledge driving 2 No  
Ice skating 3, 4 Yes   
Indoor climbing 1, 4 Yes   
Inner tubing (on land or water) 2 Yes   
Jeep/Car trekking (as a fare-paying passenger) 2 No  
Jet boating 2 No  
Jet skiing   No  
Jogging   Yes   
Jungle surfing 4 Yes   
Kite buggying 3 No  
Kite surfing (over water)   No  
Kayaking (in calm waters) 3 No  
Lacrosse   No  
Marathon running   Yes  Yes 
Motorcycling (not racing, not off-road riding, must hold equivalent UK license)   No Yes 
Mountain biking (not including downhill racing and extreme ground conditions)   Yes   
Netball   Yes   
Orienteering   Yes  Yes 
Paddleboarding (not white water)   Yes   
Parasailing (over water) 2 No  
Parascending (over water) 2 No  
Passenger (in licensed private aircraft)   No  
Passenger sledge (Horse and Carriage)   No  
Pedaloes   Yes   
Polo 3 No  
Pony trekking 2 No  
Racketball   Yes   
Rambling (under 3,000m)   Yes  Yes 
Refereeing (amateur basis)   Yes   
Rifle range 2, 4 No  
River tubing   Yes  
Roller hockey   No  
Roller skating/Blading 3 Yes  
Rounders   Yes  
Rowing 3 No  
Rubber ring rides (Beach Activity)   Yes  
Running 3 Yes Yes
Safari/Gorilla trekking (not hunting) 2 Yes Yes
Sailboarding   Yes  
Sailing (including Flotilla. European waters only) 3 No Yes
Sandboarding   Yes  
Scuba diving - Unqualified - up to 30 meters deep 1 Yes  
Scuba diving - Qualified British Sub Aqua Club, BSAC or equivalent - up to 30 meters deep   Yes  
Segway riding/touring   No  
Skateboarding   Yes  
Sky diving indoor 2 Yes  
Snorkeling (to 10 meters deep)   Yes  
Squash   Yes  
Street hockey   No  
Surfing   Yes  
Swimming (within sight of land)   Yes  
Swimming with dolphins 2 Yes  
Table tennis   Yes Yes
Target rifle shooting 2, 4 No  
Ten pin bowling   Yes Yes
Tennis   Yes Yes
Tree trekking 2 Yes  
Tree top walking 2 No  
Trekking (up to 3,000 meters)   Yes Yes
Triathlons   Yes Yes
Ultimate frisbee   No  
Volleyball   Yes  
Wadi bashing 2, 4 No  
Wakeboarding   Yes  
War games/Paintballing 2 No  
Water polo   Yes  
Water skiing   Yes  
White water rafting (Grades 1,2 & 3) 2, 4 No  
Windsurfing   Yes  
Wing Foiling (within territorial waters)   Yes  
Yachting (European Waters only) 3 No  
Yoga   Yes  
Zip lining 2 Yes Yes

Specific exclusions and conditions apply as indicated in the policy wording. The conditions are as follows:

*Special Conditions
1. You are accompanied by an experienced and/or suitable qualified instructor or guide.
2. You are adequately supervised, taking part in an organised event, session or excursion.
3. You are not taking part in a league or competition.
4. You are using natural or purpose-built facilities approved for use for the activity by a local or national regulatory authority.

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