Why do I need cruise cover?

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It’s important to add Cruise Cover to your trip for these distinct risks:

  • Cabin confinement
  • Unused excursions
  • Emergency treatment
  • Onboard illnesses
  • Missed port departure

Standard Travel Insurance, without the cruise upgrade will not provide any cover for cruises. You’ll also miss out on cover for itinerary changes, missed ports, unused excursions and other areas of cover you’ll need when going on a cruise. This also applies if you are taking a river cruise.

It is vital that you tell us of all the countries your ship will visit or stop at during your cruise, even if you don’t intend to disembark.

Some cruise lines may need passengers to have Travel Insurance before boarding the ship. You need to confirm the cover for the specific travel dates to prove you have Insurance. You can do this by providing a printed or digital copy of your Insurance Policy documentation. Buying specialist Cruise Travel Insurance lets you avoid the risk of being denied boarding and offers you protection throughout your journey.

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