Is repatriation cover necessary?

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If you need to be transported home following a medical problem abroad, it can cost thousands of pounds, because you may require:

  • A medical escort
  • A specialist air ambulance
  • Expenses for hospital stays, treatment, and equipment
  • Travel and accommodation costs for your companion

If you are travelling in Europe, you may believe the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) can protect you. However, it’s important to know the GHIC does not provide repatriation cover, and according to the Association of British Insurers, an air ambulance from Spain can cost £25,000. If you think that’s costly, please note that repatriation from countries like the USA is significantly higher, potentially running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, due to their predominantly private and expensive healthcare systems. Without repatriation cover, you’ll have to foot the bill yourself.

Thankfully, specialist medical Travel Insurance can cover repatriation and offer 24/7 emergency helplines to help you get the treatment you need wherever you are in the world.

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